Relm, Bendix King, Regency GPH5102XP-CMD Single AC Battery Charger

OSI Item Number: OC61-OCP43

Price: $54.00

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Availability: Assembled To Order
Single Station Rapid Charger for Relm, Bendix King, Regency GPH5102XP-CMD Two-Way Radio Batteries. Features: *Microprocessor Controlled to prevent “over-charging.” *Charge Status LED that shows battery charging in progess, 80% charged, and fully charged. *Highly Durable Construction *Interchangeable adapter pods allow charging of a variety of battery models

OC61-OCP43 Battery Charger Specifications:
Two-Way Radio Brand:
Relm, Bendix King, Regency
Radio Model:
Compatible Battery Chemistries:
Nicad, NiMH, Li-Ion
Power Supply Type:
AC to DC
Power Supply Input:
120V AC
Power Supply Output:
15.0V - 18.0V DC
Charge Rate:
Weight (pounds):
Dimensions (inches):
4.5 x 5.4 x 2.6
Interchangeable Pods

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