EnerSys Cyclon

OSI Batteries is proud to be an Authorized Distributor and Value Add Center (VAC) for EnerSys® Cyclon Batteries.

A rugged, reliable alternative to conventional lead alloy batteries. By housing a sealed, pure-lead, thin-plate design within an extremely rugged steel casing, CYCLON batteries outperform lead alloy batteries in a number of ways:
    ■   Per unit weight, CYCLON® batteries deliver the greatest high-rate power density for your energy dollar.
    ■   CYCLON® batteries can be recharged in under an hour, and boasts a design life of ten years for single cell products and up to eight years for monobloc products.
    ■  CYCLON® batteries perform remarkably well in extreme applications and temperatures (up to twice the capacity at –20°C) – and are safe enough for installations in offices or hospitals.

91 Products

EnerSys Cyclon 0800-0123 Assembly Battery 1x2 Shrink

Assembled To Order: Average lead time 3-5 business days

Hawker Gates EnerSys Cyclon 0810-0237 Battery 4V 2.5Ah

Assembled To Order: Average lead time 3-5 business days